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PracticePlus is an ongoing practice-support program designed specifically for independent eyecare professionals who prescribe KODAK Progressive Lenses to their patients. The program provides a rebate for every pair of qualifying KODAK Progressive Lenses purchased and redeemed, and also provides practice-enhancement tools like dispenser training and lens demonstration materials. Designed to be simple, flexible and rewarding, PracticePlus has proven itself to be a powerful, practice-building program.

Once enrolled, PracticePlus provides a rebate for every pair of qualifying KODAK Progressive Lenses purchased and redeemed, along with exclusive access to tools like staff training, patient-facing materials and additional in-office solutions to help build your practice.

PracticePlus is a rewards program open only to Independent Eyecare Practices located within the United States.

No. Membership to PracticePlus is complimentary. There is no enrollment cost, and no annual membership fee. But active membership and access to the program is contingent upon meeting the redemption requirements of PracticePlus.

PracticePlus provides a rebate for all qualifying KODAK Progressive Lenses purchased and redeemed, including:

  • KODAK Unique DRO HD Lens
  • KODAK Unique DRO Lens
  • KODAK Unique HD Lens
  • KODAK Unique Lens
  • KODAK Precise® Digital/Precise Short Digital Lenses
  • KODAK Precise® PB/Precise Short PB Lenses
  • KODAK Precise®/Precise Short Lenses
  • KODAK Easy 18/14 

No, practices do not need to have a direct account with Signet Armorlite and are not required to order lenses directly from Signetek in order to participate in PracticePlus. Practices can also participate in PracticePlus by ordering KODAK Progressive Lenses through a chosen Wholesale Lab that provides KODAK Progressive Lenses.

Yes, your practice must be located within the United States in order to be eligible to participate in PracticePlus. This includes the non-contiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii, as well as the off-shore United States territory of Puerto Rico. All other off-shore United States territories and possessions, which include American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands, are not eligible to participate in PracticePlus.

There are three ways to enroll in PracticePlus:
• Online: www.practice-plus.net
• Email: practiceplus@signetarmorlite.com
• Fax: 800.467.1242
Enrollment applications are available by contacting a PracticePlus Consultant and requesting an enrollment form.

Yes, the Practice Owner must authorize an employee to become a PracticePlus representative.  The Practice Owner must first complete the enrollment process and submit all necessary documents, including a W-9 Form and the Terms and Conditions Sign-off Form, to participate in PracticePlus. Once the practice has been successfully enrolled, practice employees can be authorized by the Practice Owner to enroll in PracticePlus as participating PracticePlus representatives.

A minimum of 20 pairs of KODAK Progressive Lenses must be purchased and redeemed within 60 days by each Practice representative.

Funds are provided in check form and mailed to your place of business.
All claim forms submitted from a practice and its representatives will be paid out to the payee as provided on the W-9 Form upon Enrollment.

No, there is no limit to the funding you may receive. The more KODAK Progressive Lenses you purchase and redeem, the more funding you will receive.

PracticePlus differs from co-op programs because the use of the funding is left to the Practice Owner’s discretion. As the Practice Owner, you may choose to re-invest the money back into your practice. Options include, but are not limited to, the following: continued education, patient newsletter, practice website, advertising, travel to Vision Expo, or even to purchase new equipment.  As the Practice Owner, you decide what is best for you and your office.

To speak directly with our PracticePlus Consultants over the phone, you may call us at: 800.950.5367 during regular business hours. (Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 7am-4:30pm Pacific Time) You may also contact our PracticePlus Consultants from the ‘Contact Us‘ page within the website, or via Email: practiceplus@signetarmorlite.com or Fax: 800.467.1242 with your question(s) regarding PracticePlus.

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