Earn rewards up to 250 points (equivalent to $10/pair) on eligible KODAK Progressive Lens designs ordered through Essilor Rewards Participating Labs

Exciting new features for an improved, streamlined experience while dispensing the same KODAK Progressive Lens designs that your patients love

Expanded reward choices using the new point system

Automated reporting that eliminates manual claim submissions

Greater rewards by combining P+ points with Essilor Reward points

Achievable goals with a minimum of 10 pairs ordered in 30 days to participate

Eligible KODAK Progressive Lenses

Lens Designs Points/Pair Cash Equivalent
KODAK Unique DRO® HD, Unique DRO, Unique HD, and UniqueTM Lenses 250 $10
KODAK Precise® Plus/Precise Plus Short, Precise PB/Precise Short PB, Precise/Precise Short Lenses 250 $10
KODAK Easy Lenses 125 $5


1 On rewards.essilorusa.com click “Join Now” to complete the Essilor Preferred Rewards Program New Member Request Form. Enter Kodak Lens in the comment field.
2 You will receive an email that will guide you to accept the program’s terms and conditions.
3 Guided by the email, create your login credentials for the portal.
1 Log into the Essilor Rewards Portal, and on the main page, select the "PracticePlus" tab.
2 Select "Activate."
3 Accept PracticePlus terms and conditions.

For more information on the PracticePlus evolution,
call (800) 830-3995 or email practiceplus@signetarmorlite.com.