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On Qualifying KODAK Progressive Lens Pairs

A Whole-Office Approach to Support Your Practice and Your Patients

PracticePlus is an ongoing practice-support program designed specifically for Independent ECPs who prescribe Kodak Progressive Lenses to their patients. Designed to be simple, flexible and rewarding, PracticePlus has proven itself to be a powerful,
practice-building program.


Practice Success and Patient Satisfaction

PracticePlus provides rebates in real dollars for every qualifying pair of
Kodak Progressive Lenses purchased and redeemed, along with other tools
like dispenser training and lens demonstration materials, to help you build your practice.
When you offer Kodak Progressive Lenses, you are increasing patient satisfaction by
dispensing high‑quality lenses from a brand they know and trust.

Your Rebate,
Your Choice!

Sky's the Limit

Your rewards have no limit! The more qualifying Kodak Progressive Lenses dispensed and redeemed, the more funding you will receive. Ultimately, you decide how much you receive, and how you want to use your rewards. Funding can be put toward equipment, education, training or other programs that promote a strong practice. You’re free to choose what best fits your practice.

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